Tournament Rules


Martensville 3 on 3 Tournament Rules

Games are 45 min, including warm-up. Please have players READY TO PLAY beforehand. Stretching in the room prior to game is a good idea. Ready and waiting for the buzzer to sound before entering the ice surface is a must. There will be a quick 2 min warm-up.

·         When a goal is scored: Puck is removed from the net and play resumes. All players from attacking team that scored must clear the red line - ALL at the same time - before resuming attack

·         When goalie covers the puck, play is whistled down: Goalie turns puck back over to his/her team. All attacking players must clear blueline - ALL at the same time - before they can resume attacking.

·         Offside: Attacking team that went offside leaves puck for defending team. All attacking players must clear blueline - ALL at the same time - before resuming attack.

·         NOTE - Once all 3 players have cleared Blue or Red line (depending on goal or whistled down) they can resume attack right away. They do not need to wait for the other team to leave their zone.

·         No Icings. BUT - If a team abuses the icing rule to kill time the other team will be awarded a penaly shot.

·         Penalties: All penalties result in a penalty shot. All other players should be spaced out on the opposing blue line and pursue shot taker after referee's whistle. Players MUST BE stopped and waiting. They cannot be cycling back retaining their momentum.  The penalty shooter must be the player involved in the infraction.  If the player is physically not able to take the shot another player from that line currently on the ice must take the penalty shot.

·         No Body Contact! Deliberate body contact will result in the player being ejected from the game. A second offense will result in a one game suspension.  Third offense and the player is out for the duration of the tournament.  All major body contact infractions will be reviewed by the league director and division coordinator with the on ice official to determine if any further action is required.

-         Roughing/Fighting.  If a player is involved in a fight on the ice he or she will be immediately ejected from the game and this will also result in an additional 1 game suspension from the tournament.  A second fighting offence will result in an indefinite suspension.

·         All calls by referees are final.  No disputing the referees call.  Remember this is a fun tournament.

·         Individual player can score a maximum of 4 goals per game.  Coaches are to reinforce this on the bench.

·         Injuries must be attended to, however we cannot stop the clock due to a very tight schedule. Only serious injuries will push back the schedule as required.
          There will be a 90 second buzzer for the U9 and U11 Division.  Coaches in the U13 and U15 must agree to a 90 second buzzer before the start of the game and inform the score clock worker of their decision to have the buzzer sounded every 90 seconds.

          All coaches must demonstrate the principals of fair play and equal ice time among all players. Shake hands quickly after the game and leave the ice.