Spare List FAQ's

Q:  What is the Spare List?

A:  After a division fills up we allow players to continue registering by placing them on the Spare List.  Coaches will call players from this list when they know players will be missing a game.

Q: If my child goes on the Spare List, do they still have a chance to get on a team?

A:  Yes.  Occasionally shortly before or even after 3 on 3 begins, players drop out of the tournament.  These open spots are then filled by players that are on the Spare List.

Q:  Can my child be on a team and on the Spare List?

A:  Yes.  If your child is on a team, you may fill out a second registration for the spare list. 

Q:  Do you always fill empty spots on the rosters with kids on the Spare LIst?

A:  No. Although coaches try to fill empty spots on the rosters from the Spare List, it is not always possible.  Sometimes coaches do not receive enough notice to find a spare player.  In these situations we fill the spots with registered 3 on 3 players from other teams that have similar skills to the missing player.

Q:  Do I have to pay full fees to have my child listed on the Spare List?

A:  Yes.  Spares must pay full fees like all other players.  If your child does not play the guaranteed 7 games, we will send you a prorated refund for the games he/she did not play.

Q:  Does my child have to play if he/she is asked?

A:  No.  As a spare you only play the games that work with your schedule.  You will not be charged for spare games your child doesn't play as long as you tell us he/she will not be available for the game.

Q:  How will I receive my refund?

A:  If you paid by credit card, then your refund will be returned to your credit card immediately after the tournament ends.  If you paid by cheque, your refund will be sent in the mail in the form of a cheque.

Q:  If my child plays more than 7 games will I be charged additional fees?

A:  No. 

Q:  How many games can I expect my child to play on the Spare List?

A:  How many games your child plays depends on his/her availability and how much notice you need before the game.  Some players only play a couple games, while others will play the full seven.

Q:  How do I get my child on the Spare List:

A:  You need to fill out the online registration and send payment to us.  Once we receive your payment, your child will be placed on the Spare LIst.